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  1. 这个错误使我们前功尽弃.This error undid all our efforts.
  2. 这可能意味着多年的工作前功尽弃.It might mean undoing years of work.
  3. 大坝一定要在雨季开始以前合拢, 否则就会前功尽弃。The dam must be closed before the rainy season sets in, or all our labour will be lost.
  4. 除此之外,我们需要清醒的认识到我们所创造过的辉煌成功的关键之一——教育——其实是一个消耗性资产,教育成就了美国的伟大,而忽视教育则会让我们前功尽弃。Beyond that, we need to wake up and realize that one of the keys to our nation’s historic success is now a wasting asset. Education made America great; neglect of education can reverse the process.
  5. 如果我现在把它剪断,就等于前功尽弃。Now if I cut it, all my previous work will be wasted.
  6. 当我们努力避免全球性金融崩溃时,我们还必须设法避免全球发展前功尽弃。As we work to avoid a global financial meltdown, we must also work to avoid a globaldevelopment meltdown.
  7. 真正的风险是可能发生的新感染率的迅速上升,这将使我们在治疗方面取得的成就前功尽弃。There's a real risk we could experience an upsurge in new infections that would undercuteverything we've done with treatment.
  8. 这个举动让社会福利系统改革的进程倒退,让精神障碍者摆脱康复机构的努力前功尽弃。This move set back the progress that had been made to reform the social welfare system and move people out of institutions.
  9. 第二,很多人经过多年的努力,最后考虑退出时开始松懈,最后导致“前功尽弃”。Secondly, many people go a bit "off the rails" when they finally get to relax after years of hardventure-building.
  10. 偶尔小小贪嘴一下不会引起体重显著增加,但是持续的应激会导致习惯性地耽于美食,放开食量,结果减肥大业前功尽弃。Although one hot fudge sundae won't cause significant weight gain, persistent stress could lead to a pattern of binge or comfort eating that undoes previous weight loss.
  11. 早上本来跑的不错,然后突然由于变速箱的问题而前功尽弃。You can do well in the morning, then you get a problem with the gearbox and a good resultvanishes.
  12. 只要你嘴里漏出一个字,一切努力就前功尽弃啦。And if a single word were to come from your mouth, all your work would be lost.
  13. 必须找到它,不然会前功尽弃。It must be found, or else all this work is meaningless.
  14. 前功尽弃造句,用成语前功尽弃造句双语版(中英对照带翻译),由www.fitjoy.cc首发。
  15. 过去十年来,秉承90年代奥斯陆决议精神以及两轮严肃的永久地位谈判取得了一些成果。 但最后还是因为相互不信任,相互指责而前功尽弃。The cooperative spirit of the Oslo process during the 1990s and the two rounds of seriouspermanent status negotiations over the last decade gave way to mutual distrust and blame.
  16. 大多数的硬件已经开发完成,因此,他们认为取消他它将意味着前功尽弃。Most of the hardware has already been built, so canceling it, they argue, would mean throwing all that away.
  17. 噢, 天 啊,我的努力已是前功尽弃了.Oh, my God! All my efforts, have gone down the drain.
  18. 每个人都必须竭尽全力,否则就要前功尽弃.Each one must do his utmost or the labour of all is vain.
  19. 那个过错使我们前功尽弃. That mistake has undone all our good work.
  20. 不论如何努力管理水质,如果带入了疾病就前功尽弃了.Whatever water quality all the effort will be wasted if diseases are brought in.
  21. 如果委员会不同意他的计划, 他便前功尽弃了. If his plan isn't approved of by the Committee, all his work will have been wasted.
  22. 她曾经尝试节食,但最后都前功尽弃.She has tried to diet but always ends up back at square one.
  23. 如果现在不能坚持下去,你岂不是前功尽弃了?Don't you waste all your previous efforts if you don't stick to it?
  24. 注意一定要等变干了再做下一步, 要不就前功尽弃了!Attention must be dried out and so do the next step, or on a wasted!
  25. 恋战的后果就是前功尽弃.The result of being bellicose is that all your previous efforts become wasted.
  26. 热情招待朋友之后, 人刚走出去就把大门砰地关起,前面的款待也将前功尽弃.Hospitality, people just go out the door slammed up front, the hospitality will upset the applecart.
  27. 确保做完一个任务之后再进行下一个任务,否则你将浪费时间去等待,或是前功尽弃就要从头开始。For example, make sure that no action is accomplished before another first; otherwise you will lose time waiting, or will need to make efforts to start all over again.


  1. 一个细节的问题细节处理得好,往往可能事半功倍。反之,不但事情难圆满,而且还可能前功尽弃,甚至后果很严重。
  2. 由于一时疏忽;丢失了笔记本;他近一年的心血也就前功尽弃了。
  3. 有了信心,还要努力,不然就会前功尽弃一事无成。
  4. 生活就是逆着海水向前走,当你不努力前行将会被海水冲回起点,那么你的一切努力都前功尽弃了。
  5. 未来的成功与失败也就在现在的你的一念之间,后退前功尽弃,前进有百分之五十的希望。
  6. 从这件事中我们应该吸取教训,做事不能半途而废,应该坚持到底不然就会前功尽弃。
  7. 方向错了,不是创新,而是守旧复古,前功尽弃。
  8. 事业和金钱,一场金融风暴一场商战就可以前功尽弃全部化为乌有;而家,却是不论天塌地陷、世事变迁,都总会有一扇门为你打开着,总会有一些人在里面等着你,还愿意不离不弃的守着你直到生命终止的地方。
  9. 事情已经做到这种程度了,如果不坚持,就会前功尽弃。
  10. 稍有差池,他的努力就有可能前功尽弃,行百里者半于九十,所以他要在最后这个阶段全神贯注,避免出现一点差错。
  11. 尽管困难重重,尽管很不容易,但是你要想在这半道上更弦易辙,就会前功尽弃。
  12. 看上去极其朴素的水豆腐,制作过程却很复杂和严格,许多细节都得注意,稍有不慎就前功尽弃了。
  13. 学习英语一定要凭爱好坚持到底,如果嫌苦嫌累而半途而废,就会前功尽弃。
  14. 攀登山峰一定要小心翼翼,定好每一步,否则一脚滑下去,将会面临着前功尽弃的危险。
  15. 学者自强不息,则积少成多;中道而止,则前功尽弃。


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