英语美文欣赏:独居所感The rewards of living a solitary life(双语阅读)

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生活感悟文章-孤独的文章-英语散文:The rewards of living a solitary life独居所感(中英双语对照带翻译):Alone we can afford to be wholly whatever we are, and to feel whatever we feel absolutely. That is a great luxury!而独自一人,我们便可以随心所欲,感受真正的自我。那真是有些奢侈的享受!

The other day an acquaintance of mine, a gregarious and charming man, told me he had found himself unexpectedly alone in New York for an hour or two between appointments. He went to the Whitney and spent the "empty" time looking at things in solitary bliss. For him it proved to be a shock nearly as great as falling in love to discover that he could enjoy himself so much alone.


What had he been afraid of, I asked myself? That, suddenly alone, he would discover that he bored himself, or that there was, quite simply, no self there to meet? But having taken the plunge, he is now on the brink of adventure; he is about to be launched into his own inner space to the astronaut . His every perception will come to him with a new freshness and, for a time, seem startlingly original.

“他一直在害怕什么呢?”,我问自已。 怕突然一个人呆着会发现自已厌烦自己,或者怕会失去自我?但是有了这次偿试,他便要开始探险了,即将发射到自已内心的宇宙之中。他的所见所感对他来说将是全新的,一度会新颖的让人惊奇。

For anyone who can see things for himself with a naked eye becomes, for a moment or two, something of a genius. With another human being present vision becomes double vision, inevitably . We are busy wondering, what does my companion see or think of this, and what do I think of it? The original impact gets lost, or diffused.

因此,每个能用肉眼亲自观看事物的人一时之间便成为天才。如果身边有别人,一个看法便不可避免地变成双重看法。我们急于知道周围人的看法,以及自己的观点?” 最初的印像消失了,或者变得模糊不清。

"Music I heard with you was more than music." Exactly. And therefore music itself can only be heard alone. Solitude is the salt of personhood. It brings out the authentic flavor of every experience.

“与你共享的音乐便不止是音乐了。” 的确如此。因此,音乐本身只能独自一人聆听。独处是人生的趣味所在,它让人感受到所有经历的真实韵味。

"Alone one is never lonely: the spirit adventures, walking in a quiet garden, in a cool house, abiding single there."


Loneliness is most acutely felt with other people, for with others,even with a lover sometimes, we suffer from our differences of taste, temperament,mood. Human intercourse often demands that we soften the edge of perception, or withdraw at the very instant of personal truth for fear of hurting, or of being inappropriately present, which is to say naked, in a social situation. Alone we can afford to be wholly whatever we are, and to feel whatever we feel absolutely. That is a great luxury!


For me the most interesting thing about a solitary life, and mine has been that for the last twenty years, is that it becomes increasingly rewarding. When I can wake up and watch the sun rise over the ocean, as I do most days, and know that I have an entire day ahead, uninterrupted, in which to write a few pages, take a walk with my dog, lie down in the afternoon for a long think (why does one think better in a horizontal position?), read and listen to music, I am flooded with happiness.

我已独自生活了二十年。对我来说,独自生活最大意义在于它变得越来越有裨益。每当早晨醒来,看着旭日从海平面上冉冉升起,我知道后面还有整整一天。在这一 天里, 我可以不受打扰地写几页书,带着我的狗一起散散步,下午长时间地躺着想一些事情(为什么人躺着时能更好地思考?),读读书,听听音乐。想到这些,我便沉浸 在幸福之中。

I’m lonely only when I am overtired, when I have worked too long without a break, when from the time being I feel empty and need filling up. And I am lonely sometimes when I come back home after a lecture trip, when I have seen a lot of people and talked a lot, and am full to the brim with experience that needs to be sorted out.


Then for a little while the house feels huge and empty, and I wonder where my self is hiding. It has to be recaptured slowly by watering the plants and perhaps,by looking again at each one as though it were a person.


It takes a while, as I watch the surf blowing up in fountains at the end of the field, but the moment comes when the world falls away, and the self emerges again from the deep unconscious, bringing back all I have recently experienced to be explored and slowly understood, when I can converse again with my hidden powers, and so grow, and so be renewed, till death do us part.


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